2019 February 23 - Version 2.5

  • Notifications in site - for new episodes of following shows. (Beta)
  • Now watchlist will be called follow.
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow. (Beta)
  • Tv shows now displays the number of followers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where marking episodes as seen where adding random shows into the watchlist.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Be able to change profile picture.
  • Movies section.

2019 February 10 - Version 2.4

  • Now you can mark episodes as seen (check seasons and episodes list).
  • New a to z list (BETA)
  • Buttom for previous and next episode added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed login expired time

2019 January 21 - Version 2.3

  • User system (BETA)
  • Watchlist & Watched list (BETA)
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow (Removed.)

2019 January 18 - Version 2.2

  • Now you can receive a notification in your email every time a new episode of your favorite show comes out, do not forget to subscribe (BETA).
  • Comments Section (BETA.)
  • Countdown of the next episode of the tvshow (Removed.)
  • New site design, based on Googles Material Design

2019 January 10 - Version 2.1

We are working very hard to bring you all the content and Tv schedule again.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Movies Section
  • Tracking System (Episodes)
  • Lists functionality allowing users to create lists of movies, tv shows, people and more
  • New "Browse" page for browsing all available movies and tv series based on filters
  • Roles and permissions system for giving users access to different functionality on the site


  • Browse page genres can now be specified from settings page.
  • Show more titles per row in title grids on tablet and small laptops.
  • Pages should load 40% to 60% faster

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where title plot would get cut off sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with "movie description" seo tag sometimes not properly displaying
  • Fixed an issue where only single season would appear on title page sometimes.
  • Corrected some display issues with mobile search bar.
WE are having issues with One of our ssd node, we are trying to fix it as soon as possible. Some of our features like calendar and some episodes maybe missing.